Thursday, June 11, 2009


Neighborhood: Silver Lake, Los Feliz
Groups: 2-4

People Watching: 3.25

Food&Drink: 3.7

Music&Ambience: 4.2

Comfort&Hospitality: 3.8

Summary: Corner cafe with hip lounge interior, music, free wi-fi

JOURNAL EXCERPT :) "… driving along one day, we decided to search for a cafĂ© to stop and draw for a bit. It was soon that I spotted a street corner decorated with small outdoor tables covered with red table cloths. The table cloths were slightly blowing in the wind as if waving me down to stop. And stop I did. Our search was over. We were instantly pulled in by the interior: deep brown furniture with red cushion accents, a window bar lined with cream leather bar stools and an international menu. The crepes here are the most authentic I've found thus far in LA, along side a delightful mediterranean mixed plate served with grape leaves, falafel, bean and herb salads. Their Specials board posted a Russian soup served with bread and fruit, and it changes regularly. The music was lounge, international eccentric, just perfect to go with the cafe's interior design chic lounge -- yet scaled down appropriately to just a coffeehouse with its pastry case near the they had free Wi-Fi! This quickly turned into a favorite spot for the next couple of weeks."
Address: 2201 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026
(213) 483-3386