Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Neighborhood:  international review, London


Groups: large groups 

People Watching: 4.5

Food&Drink: 3.75

Music&Ambience: 4.4

Comfort&Hospitality: 4.0

Summary:  great European cafe near Tate Modern museum, full menu, lots of seating


JOURNAL EXCERPT :) "…the décor struck me as very original and very cozy.  I felt like I was in a warm old fashioned home from the 40's with modern exposed industrial style celings.  Tin canisters, wooden toys and old books lined against red painted walls.  Some tabletops were decorated with old 50's Hawaii motifs while vintage illustrated cutouts accented throughout room.  The furniture was a mixture of comfortable deep red leather booths plus coffeehouse standards of wooden tables and chairs alongside some more modern styled cafeteria metal chairs and tables.   Artists and writers can tuck into this cafe and spend hours here.  There is lots of table space to spread out and cozy corners with an open floor plan that allows you to see the street as half the walls are full length windows.  The service was very warm and friendly, giving the feeling as though it was a family run business when I don't think it is.  Even the music was great - a feeling of international spanish, tropical yet jazzy sounds that were uplifting and not your typical pop radio hits..."



Address: London, UK on Strand near the Tate Museum